Deven Creek Shetlands is located in south eastern Nebraska.  Owner, creator, Chesa Henkel, has always has been horse crazy and was born & raised with horses.  At the age of 3 Chesa started riding on her own on a Appaloosa mare, Tasha and then had a Shetland pony, Chocolate. She's always had a love for animals.

At the age of 7 Chesa started taking riding lessons with an Olympic level dressage instructor, Rikki Bruckman, and kept with lessons until she graduated high school.  Chesa would work summers for her dressage instructor for in exchange for riding lessons.. learning that for hard work comes rewards of learning to be a good rider.  Along with learning dressage basics she also showed in 4-H showing in many disciplines.  She also took many showmanship & horsemanship lessons with Quarter Horse Judge, Vicki Ratdke.  

More coming soon!  I just started on this Bio page.. so more to come!  Stay tuned!