ASPC Mares

ASPC Mares

_____EWS Black Chrome Finish                 

2018 ASPC #169184 Black mare

Sire: Wilk. Impresario   Dam: EWS Nebraska Chrome

Finny is a gorgeous mare that looks like a miniature thoroughbred!  Finny is out of 2 Congress Champions.  Finny did very well in the show pen as a yearling and has 5 pts towards her HOF.  


______Royal Sheer Mist                                            

ASPC #153580 Grey mare 2004 

Foundation sealed (#2199)

Sire: Frisco Cody's Prince VB (HOF)

Dam: Royal Sheer Bliss

This Royalty bred mare is a gorgeous solid foundation ASPC mare.  She has a gorgeous show quality, refined & dainty filly in 2020.  


         EWS Unique Image Of Cookie               

2015 ASPC #165972 bay mare

Sire: Dakota Image FMF (HOF) 

Dam: Wa-Full Unique Pecan Sandie of EWS

Midge is a gorgeous ASPC mare that is refined that has lots of show attitude & movement.